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Flight from 7 108 DKK Round trip*

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Flight from 7 108 DKK Round trip*

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Uruguay, let yourself go!

Prosperous, tolerant and open onto the world, through the 20th century Uruguay has earned itself the nickname of the Switzerland of latin America. The mild mannered character of the Uruguayans is an invitation for visitors who enjoy history and culture to come and discover this country.

So close to the Argentinians in many respects and yet, so different… Just like their neighbors of the Rio de la Plata, they enjoy the tango, maté and football, but nevertheless in Montevideo you will discover a radically different way of life. A holiday in Uruguay is the opportunity to discover a unique country, which has managed like no other to successfully blend it’s european roots with the characteristic south american boldness.

A stay in Uruguay is the promise of superb beaches. A popular fixture with Argentinians and the Brazilian jet-set, the seaside town of Punta del Este has vibrant night life during the austral, from december to February. The region boasts some of the best restaurants of the entire continent, such as La Bourgogne or the Parador la huella. If you are looking for calm and proximity with nature, you are sure to enjoy the village of Cabo Polonio: run solely on sustainable energy, this fishing village annually attracts an alternative crowd of travelers. N earer to Brazil, you will find the beaches of Punta del Diablo which will provide you with a most relaxing setting, as well as ideal conditions for surfing in Uruguay. Finally, history buffs should enjoy visiting Colonia del Sacramento: founded by the portuguese in 1680, it is the oldest town in the country.

Take the time to visit Montevideo and be seduced by its gentle way of life… The market on the port showcases delicious uruguayan meats, which you can enjoy slow cooked over glowing embers in numerous authentic restaurants. In February, the ambient temperature climaxes with the carnaval: colorful and full of surprises, this traditional festival flies high the flag of candombe, an afro-uruguayan percussion based music. Throughout the year, around the Solis theater, the city is bursting with cultural activities which will make your holiday in Uruguay an unforgettable one.