Europe bustles with unique destinations. Thousands of years of some of the most important cultural movements and moments in the world have taken place all over the continent. From plazas skirted by vibrant hues of amber-leaf trees, pristine palaces and colossal cathedrals gleaming in the autumn sun, to spectacular glaciers, fjords and heaths – get inspired and discover them for yourself!

Athens, Greece

Western civilisation was born at the foot of the Acropolis. The past inspires the present, not as nostalgia but as a source of national pride. The future of civilisation perhaps too, as Athenian creativity reaches towards tomorrow. Here, more than elsewhere, the flamboyance of yesterday becomes the strength of today—and also tomorrow.

Barcelona, Spain

This cosmopolitan city is welcoming, lively and endlessly charming. Lose yourself in its historical city centre, colorful streets and vibrant tapas bars. Watch out for architect Antoni Gaudi´s many works of art that gracefully coexist among Barcelona´s cityscape making it ever so picturesque.

Bordeaux, France

This ‘Pearl of Aquitaine´ showcases the art of French living – whether that´s with a trip to the vineyards, a walk on the beach, sips of fine wine or a delicious meal. Bordeaux´s cobblestone streets, oyster parks and eco-tourism sites are sure to put a spring in your step.

Florence, Italy

Florence has an irresistable appeal with its busy streets, the deserted Piazetta, museo dell´Opera and Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. This is one place you can leave the guide behind and explore yourself, all while realizing how fashionable the city is.

Geneva, Switzerland

Accoladed for the quality of life on offer, Geneva is a postcard-perfect town offering a combination of culture and industry. With snow-capped mountains, bodies of water and vast green spaces, the charming town sets the scene for a memorable encounter with nature.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon will take your breath away in more ways than one. Snug against the Atlantic and nestled in hills, everything from the tantalizing seafood to the Baroque architecture will catch your eye. Make sure to bring your most comfortable shoes; the views from the top of Lisbon´s seven hills demand to be seen.

Madrid, Spain

Forty years is nothing in historical terms, but it's a long time for Spain and its capital, Madrid. Art is blooming everywhere, including in some places previously used as monasteries and private palaces. Here, today, culture is in a state of permanent flowering under fresh winds of freedom and the hot breath from the nostrils of Pablo Picasso's Minotaur. Churches display El Greco's work and Goya remains under the heavy fire of French troops in the Prado.

Marseille, France

Renowned for its constant creative zeal, Marseille is soaked in diversity and multiculturalism. Whether you´re visiting the old port, the many charming neighbourhoods or dining in one of the many splendid restaurants, the residents´ warm smiles and welcomes are bound to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Montpellier, France

Often called France´s ‘most seductive city´ - Montpellier offers proximity to the sea, the hills and the vineyards – all a great representation of the city´s contrasts. Visit for a look at the 100 fountains, the market bazaar and stay for the wonderful spirit of the city that´s ever so friendly and passionate.

Naples, Italy

As the Neapolitans say, “Vedi Napoli e poi muori!” (“See Naples and die!”). Succumb to the splendour of the Gulf of Naples and the unrivalled attractions of the ancient city. The mythical “journey to Naples” has always evoked emotions and dreams: a great escape in the cradle of Western culture with the Mediterranean Sea and splendour of the surrounding islands on the horizon.

Paris, France

Being the most visited and celebrated city in the world, Paris is best experienced in the joy of so many little things: the scent of warm bread and hot coffee, the elegant style of its residents, and the laughter and clinking of glasses that rolls from the cafes and bars late at night. A city bursting with culture, fashion and culinary delights - Paris has a little something for everyone.

Rome, Italy

The city of splendour, Rome is best known for its many gardens, galleries, palaces and fountains. All throwbacks to it´s bejwelled past, rich in history and mythology. Nestled among seven hills, It´s the beating heart of Italy – vibrant, festive and in equal parts, mysterious and mesmerising.

Venice, Italy

A city born of the sea, Venice has preserved the enchanting palaces and lavish mansions of its glorious past alongside an equally alluring lifestyle. Everyone aspires to come to Venice, and all those who have already made the trip to this Italian wonderland dream only of one thing: of returning again and again and again. No city in the world is so well known and yet so secret.

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