General Conditions of Use of Internet Discount Codes (IDC)

The “Internet Discount Code” corresponds to a discount offer (hereafter referred to as the “Offer”) reserved for selected beneficiaries and applicable to the purchase of an Air France air ticket under the conditions of purchase and use defined in the description accompanying the Offer.

The Offer is addressed exclusively to one Beneficiary and may be used by this person only.

Value of the Offer
The value of the Offer may be expressed as a value or as a percentage of reduction. In the latter case, the percentage shall apply to the price of the ticket before taxes, service charges and surcharges.

Conditions of access
Only an Offer sent directly by Air France or by a partner duly authorized by Air France will be valid. Offers obtained from an Internet exchange or resale website, for example, are not valid.

Conditions of validity
The Offer applies to the purchase of an individual round trip ticket with Air France, available from an Air France website (hereafter, the “Website”), issued in the form of an e-ticket and corresponding to the description accompanying the Offer.
The description of the Offer defines the applicable restrictions relating, in particular, to all or some of the following elements:
- period of booking
- period of departure
- period of return
- minimum before-tax price of the ticket before application of the reduction
- airlines operating the flights
- airlines marketing the flights
- airports, cities, countries or regions of departure or destination
- place of registration for the Offer
- class of travel

Air France shall endeavour to see that the Offer may be used on a significant number of flights corresponding to its scope of use, but may not be held responsible if some flights are already closed to bookings.  

The Offer does not apply to:

- flight segments not eligible for e-tickets
- tickets purchased in the framework of a “plane + hotel” package.
- Unless otherwise specified, the Offer shall apply to purchases made within three months of its issuance and for transport (last flight) within nine months of its issuance.

Single use
Unless otherwise specified, the Offer may be used only one time by the beneficiary.

Place of registration
The Offer may only be used on the Air France Website where the IDC voucher was issued ( ).

Period of validity
The Offer shall be considered to have been used when the booking has been made. It may not be exchanged or reimbursed. In the event of a change in the travel dates after use of the Offer, it may not be applied again to the new dates of travel. In the event of cancellation of the trip for whatever reason, Air France is not responsible for refunding the Offer.

Conversion into currency, Reimbursement
The Offer may not be converted into currency, sold by a third party or reimbursed. The Offer has no face value except in the framework of its use in accordance with these conditions and restrictions. Under no circumstances may the Offer be exchanged for money or its equivalent.

The Offer is not retroactive and may therefore not be applied to a trip already booked and/or paid for.

Compounding of promotions
Unless otherwise specified, the Offer may not be compounded with any other promotion or Offer.

Availability of the Offer on the Internet
Air France endeavours to keep its Website and access to its related databases available at all times. However, for technical reasons, permanent access to the Website services may not be considered a right.
Air France adopts a technical architecture which enables performing most eligibility checks on the Offer at the time of its redemption over the Website. However, acceptance of the Offer by the Website does not constitute proof of validity of the Offer: the beneficiary must respect all conditions of use specified in the description accompanying the Offer and in the present General Conditions.  

Fraudulent use of the Offer
Unless otherwise specified, the Offer may not be transferred to third party or reproduced in any form whatsoever. Air France reserves the right to take all appropriate measures if it learns of a fraudulent use or description of the Offer.

Modification of the present General Conditions of Use
Air France reserves the right to modify the present General Conditions. This right shall particularly apply in the event that legal imperatives or a broadening of the Offer make such modifications necessary. The Website user shall be informed of any modification to the present General Conditions by means of a notice of “change in the General Conditions of Use”.
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