If your baggage is missing or damaged on arrival, Air France will do all it can to help you to resolve such incidents.

Your baggage was delayed when travelling out of Denmark

Please contact the local Handling Agent at your destination, they will inform you how to proceed. You will be provided with a file reference, an inventory form to fill in and a preprinted envelope, addressed to our Central Baggage Handling Division in Paris. If your baggage haven't been found within 2 days, please send in this inventory form (see more detailed instructions under 'My baggage was delayed when returning to Denmark.').

Your baggage was delayed when returning to Denmark

Our handling agents, Aviator at Copenhagen-Kastrup Airport is responsible for the tracking of your baggage during the first five days, they will contact you as soon as the baggage has arrived in order to agree on the delivery details. To follow up on your baggage you can use our ‘Baggage tracking'. Please write your reference number as given on the irregularity report and your name.
If you haven't been contacted by Aviator within 48 hours, we kindly ask you to send the inventory form in its preprinted envelope, addressed to our Central Baggage Handling Division in Paris. Remember to write in English or French and be as precise as possible in the description of your baggage contents, since this is an important support for the searching and matching procedure. Then starts a detailed secondary search which lasts for 21 days. Failure to submit the inventory form can delay the search for your baggage and the eventual settlement of your claim.
Kindly retain the originals of the following documents:
  • The remaining part of your passengerticket
  • Boarding pass
  • Baggage identification tags
  • Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number
  • Original receipts for all extra costs due to thedelayed baggage
  • Bank account details including IBAN and SWIFT
  • Photocopy of your passport
If the baggage has not been tracked within 21 days, the Central Baggage Handling Division will forward your file to the Baggage Call Center, to whom you must submit your claim, in written, for compensation according to the ´Conditions of Carriage´ **.

Your baggage is damaged on arrival at your destination

Please contact the Air France desk in the baggage hall and report your baggage missing. Our agents will give you a Damage property report with a number. Passengers holding a Damage Property report may take the damaged bag to one of our affiliated baggage repair shops (lists of shops provided by Air France) with copy of the damage property report. The shop will repair the bag at no charge to the passenger. If the bag is beyond repair, replacement of the same type of bag is generally covered at no charge to the passenger.

Your baggage is damaged but you only noticed it at arrival home

Please report the damage to Air France Baggage services in writing within 7 days of your arrival at : AIR FRANCE - Europe Baggage Claim Center TSA 21135 75564 PARIS CEDEX FRANCE Phone: 70 10 44 36

and include the following documentation:

  • passenger tickets
  • baggage tags
  • Type, colour, brand, size of bag
  • Nature of damage to the bag
  • If the damage claim is accepted by Air France, a copy of the report along with a list of repair shops will be mailed or faxed to you.

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