Refunds on tickets, options or other services... Here's everything you need to know! Requesting a refund online is quick and easy, and saves you time.
Go to the Your Reservations section of the website.
If a refund is not already proposed to you in the Your Reservations section of the website, please complete the refund claim form below.
Already checked in?

Please cancel your check-in online before requesting your refund.
Please note: If your booking file contains more than 1 person, the refund request will apply to all the tickets. The refund amount is calculated according to the ticket fare conditions (excluding service fees which are non-refundable).
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If you wish to ask for a refund for your tickets, you can call Air France on: 82 33 27 01. Our operators will guide you through the steps to follow.

Fax: +44 208 782 8112
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Did you take out cancelation insurance?
If at the moment of buying your ticket, you also took out insurance with Mondial Assistance, please cancel your booking with Air France and make your claim with Mondial Assistance.
Did you also book a hotel, car or activity?
We recommend you to contact the service provider before submitting your refund request online. You can find their contact details in your booking confirmation e-mail.
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