Changing your Flying Blue level

There are 4 Flying Blue card levels. You start with a Flying Blue Ivory card and, by traveling regularly with AIR FRANCE and KLM, you can access the Silver, Gold and Platinum card levels. Each level offers more exclusive benefits: airport lounge access, additional baggage allowance, bonus Miles on every flight and more.
On April 1, Flying Blue will be revolutionized! Be the first to discover what's changing and prepare yourself for a reinvented loyalty experience.

How is your Flying Blue level calculated?

Your membership level is calculated based on the number of Level Miles or qualifying flights you have earned.
  • A qualifying flight is a one-way flight* provided by AIR FRANCE, KLM or any SkyTeam member airline that awards Level Miles.
  • Level Miles can be earned by traveling on most flights provided by AIR FRANCE, KLM and SkyTeam member airlines.

* Except flights within metropolitan France for passengers residing in France or Monaco

Miles thresholds for each membership level (per calendar year)

As soon as you reach the threshold of Level Miles or qualifying flights needed for the next level, you will receive your new card and enjoy immediate access to a range of benefits!

Annual level update

Every year on December 31, we calculate the number of Level Miles and qualifying flights you earned over the last 12 months. To keep your membership level, you must reach the required threshold of Level Miles or qualifying flights. Otherwise, you will move to the previous level.
  • For Flying Blue Ivory members, the number of Level Miles returns to zero on December 31 of every year.
  • For Flying Blue Silver, Gold and Platinum members, all Level Miles earned beyond the Miles threshold required to reach the next level or maintain the current level are carried over to the next year.
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