Three for a tasting right in the kitchen

floridian gastronomy
Three for a tasting right in the kitchen

A true beacon of Florida cuisine, Three has chosen to set up shop in the heart of Wynwood.

Head for the famous Wynwood district, an open-air museum where street artists express themselves on the walls. Chef Miguel Massens of Three and his team invite you to share a unique experience where customers have the opportunity to converse and interact with them at the chef's counter, discovering some of the techniques and the process of creating dishes, while enjoying the refined and welcoming service.

A true celebration of Florida's gastronomy, Three offers a gourmet menu: black mackerel fillet with sweet potatoes and green beans, Thai salad with vegetables in spicy marinade and papaya, hearts of palms and chayote with mustard honey and lime, shrimp and tomatillo confit with vinegar and sweet corn stew, grilled squid, chorizo ​​and lentils Beluga. Three cheers for Three!

50 NW 24th Street
Miami, FL 33127

Tel :+1 305 748 4540

Menu: around 45 USD