The Bananeraie, a museum break

hot tip - unusual
The Bananeraie, a museum break

With this exotic address right next to the Banana Museum, Creole cuisine is revealed in a new light.

Sainte-Marie is an ancient banana plantation that was turned into a museum dedicated to Martinican culture. After visiting the old mansion and vast shady park, a gourmet meal is required to digest everything you have just learned. The Banana Museum is a nice restaurant for 90 people, nestled in a typical Creole building that opens onto the surrounding lush nature. Being as it is on a former banana plantation, the chef serves local cuisine with a particular deference to bananas. The entire menu explores the possibilities of this fruit of the tropics, like ti-nain fritters, banana cassoulet and in lieu of apples in a tarte Tatin. The beverages follow suit, with a wide selection of cocktails, milkshakes and beer available - all to be enjoyed in moderation. Unusual and informative.

La Bananeraie restaurant
Habitation Limbé
Quartier Fourniols
97230 Sainte-Marie

+ 596 (0)5 96 53 67 94

Menu: around 23 EUR