Marie-Galante: the charm of yesteryear

Marie-Galante: the charm of yesteryear

The largest of the southern islands, celebrated by poets and adored by the Guadeloupeans for its authenticity, its beauty, its countryside, its mills, its rum, and its cuisine.

Thirty kilometres southeast of Guadeloupe and 45 minutes by boat from Pointe-à-Pitre, Marie-Galante, nicknamed the 'Great Pancake' because of its size, shape, and low relief, is distinguished by its picturesque agricultural charm. Here time seems suspended, and life is punctuated by the business of sugar cane, always cut by hand and transported on ox carts to one of the distilleries of the island: Bellevue, Bielle, or Poisson-Père Labat. Hiking is great in the green countryside, where you can discover the many mills, vestiges of a bygone era.

Steeped in tradition and true hospitality, Marie-Galante is concentrated around three villages. Grand-Bourg, the largest town with its many shops, offers gorgeous white sandy beaches, with a lagoon protected by a coral reef. In Capesterre, take a cart ride along the 'paths of the cane' or laze upon its large white sand beaches lined with coconut trees.

Finally, St. Louis, further west, with its old fort, offers wild landscapes and breathtaking views, such as the one from Guele Grand-Gouffre.

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