“Il chiosco” or the picturesque charm of Catania

“Il chiosco” or the picturesque charm of Catania

A refuge for the thirsty; a place to rally passersby; a 100%-Catanian recipe.

Since 1896, chiosci Vezzosi and Giammona have kept watch over their piazze like venerable guardians of Catania's heritage. Decorated with foliage plants and light garlands, these lovely booths are genuine institutions that play the tradition card. Here, there is no newspaper or souvenir to be found; only homemade drinks based on fruit syrup, blended with sparkling water.
Locals gather there at any hour of the day or night to sip on drinks; most of all, the legendary Seltz limone e sale - a natural, particularly invigorating mix of low-iodine Seltz water and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Mandarin, Morello cherry, almond syrup, mint: dozens of scrumptious varieties end up in compositions whose secret fabrication is passed down from father to son.
Formerly open in spring and summertime only, now operative all year long, the booths welcome regular customers and casual visitors alike - as if they were small lighthouses scattered across the city. Salute!

Chiosco Giammona
Via Umberto I, 120
95129 Catania

Menu: around 2.50 EUR

Chiosco Sicilia Seltz
Corso Sicilia, 8
95131 Catania-


Menu: around 2.50 EUR