Hotel L'Esplanade, an ocean of serenity

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Hotel L'Esplanade, an ocean of serenity

Just steps away from Grand Case Beach, L'Esplanade offers a luxurious retreat in one of its cosy rooms. Dare to escape from your daily life!

From your private stone balcony, overlook the clear waters of a delicate sea. Nestled among the hill's tropical gardens, be lulled by the peaceful movement of the waves. In the most beautiful tranquillity, enjoy an exquisite oasis from which you see everything, and stay hidden from prying eyes. Your only mission? Relax. For the rest, the hotel's dedicated staff takes care of everything you could ever want, with discretion.
Saint Martin's real secret treasure, L'Esplanade is considered one of the best hotels in the Caribbean. Behind its magnificent Mediterranean facade, a large canopy bed awaits you, and between Spanish mosaics, Mexican tiles and Moroccan lanterns, the immense pool invites you to cool off. In the evening, the sun plunges in the turquoise Caribbean waters and projects a unique light for a fascinating sight.

Hotel L'Esplanade
B.P. 5007 – Grand Case
97150 Saint-Martin

+590 (0)5 90 87 06 55

Rooms: from 265 EUR