Gro: just like the canteen

a must

Put yourself on Swedish time: lunch well, but on the go.

Swedes don't take much time for lunch. Instead, they eat on the go and favour healthy or vegetarian cuisine.

In this small restaurant, which is almost a neighbourhood canteen, vegetables are honoured, though Gro does not claim to be vegetarian. There is celery apple soup, beet salad with smoked bacon, pork or lamb and kale sandwiches… The menu is written on the board, and it is in Swedish - discuss it with the chefs who serve in the dining room! They speak English and have been trained in big kitchens. Hence, their attention to the creativity and presentation of their dishes. They are stunning. To take the time to really enjoy, come back in the evening.

Gro Restaurant
Sankt Eriksgatan 67
113 32 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 643 42 22

Menu: around 95 SEK