Graffiti from around the world at the Street art museum

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Graffiti from around the world at the Street art museum

In Amsterdam's Nieuw-West district, amidst formerly abandoned warehouses, street art finally gets its own museum.

Located in the north of Amsterdam and nestled in a huge warehouse formerly used in shipbuilding, the Street Art Museum is the largest of its kind around the world. Not far from what museum curator Peter Ernst Cooler calls the “white cubes” (metaphor of those ivory-white-walled museums and galleries), it is an unusual place where all types of art are on display on the warehouse's various surfaces, from walls to structure poles. Moreover, the collection, which already counts more than 200 works from artists across the globe, spreads on the outside, in the streets and on the buildings of Amsterdam's Nieuw-West neighbourhood (within a 3-kilometer radius from the museum). Follow one of the urban guided tours along the city canals and listen to the stories of these incredible pieces, ranging from immigration issues to the environment. Among the possible tours, the Street Art Museum offers one with virtual reality helmets that unveils the work behind the frescoes, blending art and technology. Which should please kids and adults alike.

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