Gaube Lake: Sunday hike

Gaube Lake: Sunday hike

Leave the road to Santiago de Compostella behind, and instead take this trail for an easy hike up to this sublimely pure lake.

This is an outing that families traditionally do on Sunday. People come here from Pau and Lourdes, and as far away as Pont de l'Espagne.

Here you leave your car and you take a well-signposted path, so there's no risk of getting lost or walking too far. The walk to the lake takes about one hour through the pines. If you are not a walker, take the cable car. You will then just have to climb a few hundred metres to reach this little rocky paradise. Its name is a redundancy, as 'Gaube' in Gascon, means lake. In the distance, you can see the famous Pique Longue du Vignemale. For lunch, you can either dine in the restaurant or picnic on the grass.

You will then have time to observe the flora and fauna, and push on to the Refuge des Oulettes.