Forget about 21st century at Puy du Fou!

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Forget about 21st century at Puy du Fou!

Awarded the title of best theme park of the world, Puy Du Fou offers a variety of spectacular shows and adventures to enjoy with friends or family!

While staying in Nantes, treat yourself a great journey back in time at Puy du Fou's theme park! Cross time by choosing your favourite era, shows and food according to your tastes! Explore a magnificent natural reserve of more than 50 hectares hosting around 20 spectacular performances during both day and night, 4 authentic villages and their local craftsmen and more than 1,500 animals in harmony with nature.

Relive the fury of traditional circus games, enjoy knights' dazzling horse stunts, join a moving cloak-and-dagger adventure, let your imagination flow before the incredible bird ballet… each century will provide you with specific emotions. You will also discover the last creation of the park: “the First Kingdom”, a show that takes you back to 5th century AD, during the fall of the Roman Empire, destroyed by Attila's hordes of Barbarians.
Give in to Puy du Fou's historical and wonderful epic: it is only waiting for you!

Puy du Fou
85 590 Les Epesses

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