At Grils, chicken is king

grill house
At Grils, chicken is king

For the greatest enjoyment of food lovers, Prague's Grils restaurant puts all kinds of poultry in the spotlight.

As the name suggests, everything is based around the grill taking centre stage in the main dining area. At Grils, in Karlin district, poultry is roasted, grilled or flambéed… Launched through crowdfunding, the restaurant is now full all the time. Far from ordinary grill houses that most of the time serve battery chicken, Grils bets on quality: poultry is directly sourced from a small farm near the Czech capital.
In a refined setting – clear wooden furniture and originally shaped chairs – the establishment looking like a bistro from yesteryears mostly welcomes office workers during the week, while families gather for Sunday lunch. Everything goes through the grill, even dessert, for instance using smoked plums. Depending on your hunger level, order a quarter, half or whole chicken, served with seasonal sides, like corn or turnips… grilled obviously!

U Nádražní lávky 81/2
186 00 Praha 8-Karlín

+420 731 631 835 

Menu: around 8 EUR